Oracle database migration

Oracle database migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for ZSE Energia, a.s.

Client Profile: ZSE Energia, a.s.

The company ZSE Energia, a.s. is one of the largest suppliers of gas and electricity in Slovakia. It operates primarily in West Slovakia and has done so for over 100 years It also offers the same high quality of services in other parts of the country, with over one million customers reliant on it every day. The company mission is to trade electricity and gas in the West Slovakia region and elsewhere, and to provide long-term, reliable and price-friendly supplementary services in an environmentally friendly manner and in compliance with EU regulations.

Project aim

As part of the data migration, the client wanted its database environment to be relocated in the cloud.he client wanted its database environment to be relocated in the cloud. The main selection criteria were database performance and compliance with licence terms and conditions.

Initial situation

The cloud storage that the client had been using no longer met the demands of modern administration and the latest requirements. It was therefore essential to find a solution that would satisfy these requirements and criteria. To add to the challenge, the client was using a fairly old version of Oracle Database – Standard Edition One – and the projected target database size was approximately 25 terabytes.


When choosing a cloud environment that would meet all the necessary criteria, we opted for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), despite the client making extensive use of Azure cloud services. OCI not only provided the required performance for the migrated databases, but also offered the required database version as a platform service, offering several benefits for the client in the simplicity of database and licence management. The actual migration of the databases was straightforward without any major surprises and the process was completed according to schedule. Connecting the new OCI cloud environment to existing services in the Azure cloud using a secure, low-latency IPSEC tunnel went ahead equally smoothly.

Project benefit

This successful project also produced various additional benefits for the client. One of the outputs of the project is easier data management using platform services. The client also gained more flexibility in DevTest scenarios, allowing them to create cloud environments dynamically as needed. Another key benefit for the customer is that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides Oracle licensed programs that can then be used in Pay As You Go form. What’s more, the TCO of migrating an Oracle database to the cloud is almost 30% lower with OCI compared to other cloud providers.

Project outputs

Key project achievements:

  • to migrate the database environment to Oracle cloud Infrastructure (OCI) successfully and effectively
  • to confirmthe seamless scalability of the data warehouse (up to the expected workload) in DBCS on OCI
  • to save costs by choosing the right OCI cloud platform.

Special acknowledgements

This project was carried out in cooperation with Oracle Cloud Solutions