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ChatGPT- Virtual assistant

The virtual assistant is a general information support tool for client employees, for internal guidelines and methodologies. The assistant provides simple legible answers to open questions of the client’s employees and it is capable of contextually distinguishing the meaning of submitted requests using machine learning and artificial intelligence. The assistant is created according to the client’s specifications.   



Advantages and benefits

Modern technology

Reduced cost

Greater productivity and efficiency

Streamlined internal processes

Speech to text – Text to speech

The Speech to Text solution uses machine learning to convert the spoken word into text form so that speech can be transcribed in real time or from a recording. Conversely, a Text to Speech solution allows a written text to be read by a digital voice. This is particularly useful in dubbing, voiceovers for the blind or as a live commentary without a speaker.



Advantages and benefits

Automated translation

Automated description



Customers that adopted this solution