Virtual anatomy

We open up the fascinating world of the human body

A new perspective on teaching anatomy

Using our Virtual Anatomy application, high school and college students have a professional tool to interactively explore more than 14 anatomical structures along with expert descriptions and animated models of the musculoskeletal system.

14 anatomical systems + 5 detailed systems
Slovak, English and Latin names for more than 5,000 anatomical structures
Search field for anatomical structures
Users can manipulate the models with their own hands
Multi-user mode (virtual classroom)
Dynamic knowledge tests
Slice mode – cross-section view of the human body
Wasp mode – fly through the human body in miniature form
Mobile app with augmented reality support

Virtual rehabilitation

Virtual rehabilitation modules present familiar exercises in a new way. With virtual reality, patients in rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system can study detailed animations of bodyweight or equipment exercises before doing them for real. Interactive games can be used to test cognitive skills, and train memory, observation or attention focus in an experiential way.

Effective preparation for various types of rehabilitation exercises
Cognitive exercises using interactive games
Animated exercise models with text descriptions
Display of muscle structures during exercises