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We are a Microsoft Solution Partner specializing in Modern Work, Security and Azure, as proven by the Microsoft designations and specializations awarded to us. We provide one of the broadest portfolios of Microsoft licenses in the country, across all available Microsoft licensing programs. 

Microsoft CSP: We are the future of your licensing

When you work with us, you can get Microsoft product licenses easily and without restriction. As a Microsoft partner, we have created a self-service portal for you as part of the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, where you can choose the products you truly need and order them directly.

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Adoption Campaigns

ITaaS – IT environment analysis

Microsoft 365 implementation

Advantages and benefits

We are a Microsoft Solution Partner

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Broad portfolio
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Reduced costs

You may be interested in this solution if

you are thinking of buying a license for a company information system

you want to optimize your current licence model

you are looking for a long-term licence strategy

you need a combination of traditional and cloud services