Data analytics & Machine Learning

We collect, evaluate and visualize your data so that you can decide based on facts and supported predictions.

Advantages and benefits
Zefektívnenie procesov
Improving processes
Data-driven rozhodnutia
Data-driven decisions
Real-time analýzy
Real-time analysis
Vizualizácia dát
Data visualization

Customers who have chosen this solution

We created a controlling portal and provided data transformation and  migration. Based on productivity, sales and  costs in the shortest time possible, we observe, analyze and  share data from the freight rolling stock of the client using Microsoft Power BI tool.

We prepared an analysis of project completion for project managers and management, comparison of project implementation in time - plan versus reality, as well as data analysis from logs with the aim to gain information about anomalies and repeated adjustments of logs.

Using Microsoft Power BI we helped RTVS to connect a larger number of datasets from various surveys with the analysis of a sports channel and the viewership of individual shows and sports, as well as with  the analysis of production employees, various anomalies and monitoring of the costs of a public institution.

Using Microsoft Power BI we automated the payment process of internal commissions in the company and saved the accountant's time in the actviity repeating every month.

Using Microsoft Power BI we created a monitoring system, which almost in real time collects , evaluates and  visualizes data about employee productivity. The goal of the project is to increase productivity at least by  10%.

We prepared CRM analysis of sales representatives success rate.

We created an analysis of customer satisfaction.

For the largest ironworks in Slovakia we provided training and consultation.

For our client, we provided employee training and  consultation.

Thanks to analysis we made the car park of our client more effective.

We managed the designed of the controlling portal as well as transformation and  migration of the data.

When is this solution suitable for you
Chýba vám pokročilý nástroj na správu dát
Lack an advanced tool for managing data
Potrebujete lepšie pochopiť svoje dáta
Need to understand your data better
Chcete sa rozhodovať na základe real-time analýzy
Want to make decisions based on real-time analysis
Hľadáte prepojenie dát z rôznych zdrojov
Looking to connect data from various sources
Spoľahlivé reporty
Reliability reports