IT as a service covers IT outsourcing in the operation of information systems, their development and the selection of optimal tools and innovations.

Advantages and benefits
Integrácia nových trendov
Integration of new trends
Pomoc pri výbere technológií
Assistance in the selection of technologies
Riadená implementácia nových nástrojov
Managing the implementation of new tools
Podpora po nasadení
Post-implementation support
Bezpečnosť citlivých údajov
Security of sensitive data

Customers who have chosen this solution

For 10 years we have been partners with a client supporting end-user environment operation and  workstations. Besides traditional IT support, we have added central administration of workstations, hardware life-cycle management and  software or IT point service.

We provide complex IT environment administration for our client. Gradually, we innovated central and network IT infrastructure, deployed Microsoft Windows 10 operation system and managed migration to hybrid use of Microsoft Office 365 platform, which contributed to simplifying the company communication management.

For our customer, we provide support of central IT infrastructure and the end-user environment. We gradually consolidated and innovated the central infrastructure towards a hybrid solution with the MS O365 platform, where the customer currently uses communication tools and storage functions.

Within our IT solution as a service for an advertising agency we offer support of workstation environments and end users, support and operation of central solutions, IT systems and communication infrastructure including the creation of strategy and concept of IT environment.

When is this solution suitable for you
Hľadáte optimálny spôsob správy počítačovej siete a informačných systémov
Looking for an optimal way of administrating computer networks and  information systems
Chcete zvýšiť efektivitu práce svojich zamestnancov
Want to increase work effectiveness of your employees
Potrebujete zaistiť preukázateľnú bezpečnosť dát a citlivých údajov
Need to ensure demonstrable security of data and  sensitive data
Uprednostňujete pravidelné náklady na rozvoj a správu IT prostredia
Prefer regular costs for development and administration of the IT environment