Cloud & Security Secure infrastructure

We propose and create a secure hybrid infrastructure for you that guarantees the availability and security of company data.


Thanks to cloud technologies, new functionalities such as machine learning, predictive analytics or high availability become available to almost any business with just one click.

We connect your existing infrastructure with  the cloud, improve the operation of your IT services, we propose the architecture of the whole solution and  arrange the migration of company data.

Protection and security of data

Cloud technologies produce various benefits. Responsibility for data security is transferred to  the cloud services provider, thanks to which you don’t have to worry about sensitive data. Utilizing the cloud means also getting rid of infrastructure management. Even so, using solely the cloud isn't necessarily an ideal choice.

We help you propose a hybrid solution that  combines the demands of availability, ease of use and  top security.

Advantages and benefits
Rozumné využitie cloudu
Sensible use of the cloud
Používateľsky prívetivé riešenie
User-friendly solution
Zmysluplné využitie technológií
Meaningful use of technologies
Efektívna komunikácia
Effective communication

Customers who have chosen this solution

For a client we provided migration of an e-mail solution to online environment of the Office 365 e-mail platform.

We elaborated a detailed analysis of the migration to cloud, evaluated its risks and difficulty and set the target status of the hybrid infrastructure and the migration route.

For a client we migrated an expensive communication infrastructure to a highly accessible Office 365 environment.

Based on our own study and PoC we designed a private data storage of company data using blockchain network spread around the world.

When is this solution suitable for you
Láka vás nová funkcionalita cloudu (kontajnery, big data, AI)
Attracted to new cloud functionality (containers, big data, AI)
Chcete skombinovať dostupnosť a bezpečnosť dát
Want to combine the availability and security of data
Hľadáte prepojenie cloudu a domáceho prostredia
Looking for a connection of cloud and on-premise environments