Flexible and effective data extraction in Tatra banka

Based on the application ABBYY FlexiCapture 12.0 Distributed Version, we proposed a comprehensive solution for the clients for digitalization of data, their subsequent effective extraction and export to the document management system (DMS).

Jednoduchá škálovateľnosť zvýšením výkonovej kapacity servera
Easy scalability by increasing the capacity of servers
Zálohovanie dát a prevencia ich straty cez Microsoft Cluster
Data backup and loss prevention via Microsoft Cluster
Administrácia celého systému formou vzdialeného prístupu
Administration of the whole system in the form of remote access
Legendárna presnosť vďaka technológiám od ABBYY
Legendary accuracy thanks to ABBYY technologies
Riešenie kompatibilné s akýmkoľvek DMS/ERP systémom
Solution compatible with any DMS/ERP system

Client profile

A modern universal bank with a comprehensive range of banking services and solutions in the area of financial management for corporate and individual clients. Through its network of 153 outlets, it operates in all regions of Slovakia and employs approximately 3,400 employees.


Tatra banka, a. s. is a leader on the Slovak banking market. More than 3,400 employees at 153 workplaces all over the country process huge amounts of documents on a daily basis. The nature of banking services requires the use of paper forms of documents and their archiving at legally prescribed terms. For the purposes of records, accounting and management decision making, paper forms are just not suitable. Much more effective is to use electronic documents. That is why Tatra banka, a. s. regularly processes a large volume of paper documents into electronic storage. The necessary data are automatically extracted from the electronic documents and serve as a source for the document management system (DMS). The original system of extracting data could not be set to the specifications of Tatra banka. So the client decided on a new solution from the company exe, s. r. o., which fully satisfied its needs.

Business goals

Tatra banka anticipated the new solution would raise the efficiency of the information system of data extraction and greatly extend its functionalities. These requirements were defined:

  • quality and effective digitalization of documents and absolute accuracy of data extraction,

  • preservation of document structure in folders,

  • possibility to scan certain documents in color,

  • flexibility of the template for extracted documents - the new information system must allow for modification and addition of templates,

  • scalability, robustness, option of easy administration and monitoring.


The company exe, s. r. o. proposed a solution based on the application for data extraction from documents ABBYY FlexiCapture 12.0 Distributed Version. The application changes paper documents into electronic form and automatically captures the required data from them. Data captured from documents are then exported to company applications (DMS, ERP).

Import and sorting of data

Primary processing of data takes place in the Scanning Station. Before the scanning process, the folders of documents are identified by barcodes. After scanning, the page direction is automatically adjusted, and any skewing or unwanted shading removed. All scanned documents are stored in the structure of folders. Each of them always contains one batch list and related documents. The accuracy of splitting documents into individual folders is manually verified by the Scanning Station operator. Verified scanned documents are then imported to the application ABBYY FlexiCapture.

Distinguishing data

Next comes the process of distinguishing and digitalizing text. Images of scanned documents are automatically processed in this phase into electronic documents containing recognized and copyable texts, images, graphs and data. The application ABBYY FlexiCapture uses advanced automatic recognition technology for the printed word (OCR), technology for recognising the written word (ICR) and technology for recognising a broad spectrum of tick fields and barcodes.

Data extraction

The proposed solution lets you digitalize and then extract from any document. For Tatra banka, though, only the batch list is captured because it contains data about all documents in the folder. The system uses various types of batch lists. A template is created for each batch list, which identifies components with extracted data. The new template can be created or modified directly by the solution administrator.

Validation and verification

After extraction, data are automatically checked according to preset validation rules. A designated worker then additionally manually verifies the accuracy of extracted sensitive or contentious data and their structure. Verification is carried out by remote access. Verification rights can be allocated to several workers so the whole process is accelerated. The result is data stored in clear form in stores and assigned to document in the specific folder.


Captured data can be exported as files send via the interface ODBC or over a web service to external systems or directly to the environment of Microsoft SharePoint. This solution of extracting data is linked to the existing document management system (DMS). Extracted data are therefore available on the internal systems of Tatra banka instantly after being processed and exported.

Administration and monitoring

The online Administration and Monitoring Console lets you monitor all ongoing processes 24 hours a day from anywhere. The administrator monitors and manages users and the performance of the whole system. Users can be allocated rights and roles, can be shown batch statuses, incident logs and generated reports.

Scalability and backup

Server-based architecture lets you process large volumes of documents effectively. The core of the system is a scalable processing server that performs all resource-intensive activity, automated division of tasks among workstations and it balances load. The application FlexiCapture contains support for cluster solutions that secure data backup and their consistent activity in the event of system failure.

Key benefits of solution

  • A unique solution for digitalization and automated capture of all types of documents.

  • Legendary accuracy thanks to the award-winning technologies for distinguishing and classifying from ABBYY and issued validation rules.

  • Easy creation of new templates for extracting data - even the client has the option of creating their own template if required.

  • Remote capturing and verification of data over a web interface.

  • The solution is compatible with any DMS/ERP system.

  • Option to export data to a cloud system, for example, Microsoft Azure.

  • Data extraction support in 187 languages.